Embedded Systems

Parallele Rechnerarchitekturen

Dozent Oliver Bringmann
Oliver Bringmann

Vorlesung Dienstags 14 c.t. - 16
Hörsaal A301
Übungsleitung Christoph Gerum
Christoph Gerum

Michael Kuhn
Michael Kuhn

Übungsgruppe Wird in der ersten VL besprochen
Umfang 2 SWS / 6 LP
Kursart V+Ü (6 LP)
Eintrag im Kurskatalog Campus
Lernplattform Ilias

This Lecture considers the topic of parallel computer architecture. It primarily focuses on the design principles of parallel computer architecture but covers some aspects of programming for parallel computer architecture.

The lecture considers the following topics:

  • Instruction
  • Level Parallelism: Superscalar Architectures, Speculative Execution, VLIW Architectures
  • Multicore-/Multiprocessor-Architectures
  • Caches in Shared Memory Architectures. Cache-Coherency
  • Shared Memory Architectures and Synchronisation
  • Quantitative Principles of Computer Architectures
  • Parallel Programming Models
  • Interconnection Networks (Topology, Switching, Routing)
  • Domain-specific Architectures and GPGPUs
  • Case Studies


J. L. Hennessy, D. A. Patterson: Computer Architecture: A Quantitive Approach, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc, Elsevier, 6. Auflage, 2018.


The organisation of the corresponding exercises (group division, announcement of times and rooms, etc.) takes place in the first hour of the lecture.


Grundlagen der Rechnerarchitektur or equivalent is recommended.