Embedded Systems

Design and Implementation of a WYSIWYG Web App for Abstract HW/SW Description Languages

Assigned to F. Schmidt.

Bachelor’s Thesis / Master’s Thesis / Student Research Project


Abstract modelling of HW/SW systems is a fairly new research topic. The goal of this technique is it to capture only the essential parameters of software and hardware which influence their timing behavior. At the chair for Embedded Systems two languages for abstract modelling of software and hardware respectivly have been developed. Firstly, the Astract Software Description Language (ASWDL) and secondly, the Abstract Computer Architecture Description Language (ACADL). Both languages are based on the Unified Modelling Language UML.

An Example of modelling a discrete cosine transformation (DCT) algorithm using ASWDL is presented here:


An Example modelling a pipeline of a micro processor is presented in the following figure:


Goal of this student project is it to implement a what you see is what you get editor as a web app for those languages. This web app should be implemented in TypeScript using mxGraph.


  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Linux (optional)


Lübeck, Konstantin

Jung, Alexander

Bringmann, Oliver