Embedded Systems

Information on the online events in the summer semester 2020

The Chair of Embedded Systems will continue to offer lectures and other courses in the summer semester 2020.

For the introductory courses and the following lectures and tutorials the videoconferencing platform Zoom is used.

Participation in the introductory courses of the Chair of Embedded Systems is possible without course registration.

Detailed information on joining the Zoom meetings of the introductory events (meeting ID and password) and all dates can be found on the overview page in ILIAS.

Participation can be done via the Zoom app (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android) or via the browser. The creation of a Zoom account is not required for participation. If you access the platform via the browser, Chromium is recommended, although the browser access is functionally somewhat limited compared to the app. In addition, you can dial in by telephone, but visual presentation of the slides is not possible in this case.

Subsequently, the presented slides as well as a video with the slides and the online audio track will be provided via the learning platform ILIAS. For privacy reasons, the video will only contain the audio track of the lecturer. Access to the learning materials and the subsequent online events (lectures and tutorials) will only be granted after registration for the course.

After the introductory events, separate Zoom meetings are used for each event. The links to each Zoom meeting will be announced in the events or on the specific course page of the ILIAS learning platform.

Note: We are aware of the published problems concerning Zoom in terms of privacy and security. However, based on the experience gained so far it can be stated that the Zoom website and Zoom, when used free of charge or when registered via facebook or Google accounts, behave differently with regard to data transfer than when using communication via the app in the context of a university contractual relationship. Furthermore, we have activated all data protection and security-related options in our Zoom meetings, as long as they do not conflict with the actual purpose of use.