Embedded Systems

Implementation of Control Flow Instructions for the Computer Architecture Simulator ACASimPy

Bachelor’s Thesis / Student Research Project


The Python-based abstract computer architecture simulator ACASimPy developed at the chair for Embedded Systems can be used to predict the runtime of a given instruction trace on a computer architecture modeled with the Abstract Computer Architecture Description Language (ACADL). However, ACASimPy currently does not support control flow instructions such as compare, branch, and jump.

This student project’s goal is to extend the ACASimPy simulator to execute control flow instructions. ACASimPy is an event-based simulator based on the SimPy Python package.


An Example of a simple machine learning accelerator modelled with ACADL is presented here:

2x2 Systolic Array in ACADL


  • Python
  • Knowledge of event-based simulation
  • Successfully atteded the lecture “Grundlagen der Rechnerarchitektur” and/or “Parallele Rechnerarchitekturen” (optional)
  • Linux (optional)


Lübeck, Konstantin

Jung, Alexander

Bringmann, Oliver